FTC is a robotics league that teaches the fundamentals of STEM.  We are given the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to conceive, build, and program a competitive robot.  Teams are challenged to create a robot with the capability to perform specific tasks.   


Going head-to-head in a competition setting, FTC not only teaches you how to work with robots, but also teaches skills applicable to real life.  Over the past year, we’ve learned to apply leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, communication, critical thinking, mentorship and 21st century work-life skills on a daily basis.

Financial support was integral to our success and will continue to be as we begin our next season.  Without funding we would not have access to the essential materials to build our robot and have a competitive team that continues to learn, improve and innovate.

Checks can be made out to Patrick M Mulcahy Jr.  Be sure to write Devildogs Robotics in the memo line of the check.  Checks can be mailed to:


c/o Patrick M Mulcahy Jr

4024 Gilliat St.

Duluth, MN 55804